Some days ago, I saw a smiling man in the center of Minsk. He was feeding pigeons, throwing them bread crumbs. Some minutes later two police officers approached him. They ordered him to get lost, rather rudely. The man tried to explain them that he was not doing anything bad, just feeding pigeons. But the police officers were obviously not impressed and threatened him with a fine or detainment. The smile faded from the man’s face. He began to ask them for forgiveness and kept promising, that he would never do it again. And only after he turned into a shaking poor scared thing, did the police officers let him go.

It seems that in Belarus every normal thing can be turned into a crime, especially if you feel like doing something other people do not normally do. And you will not just be punished - you will be expected to go through the humiliation of really seeing yourself as a criminal. You will have to feel sorry, or at least make yourself look that way.

the President’s palace

To your information: Did you know that the park opposite the President’s palace in Minsk had been equipped with devices, which scare off crows by ultrasound? Now there are barely any crows in the park, disturbing the President. They are gone, leaving their empty nests in the naked branches.

Панылы сорам